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than two decades. "good morning washington" continues right now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. good morning,ashington. it is now 6:00 on this friday. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. great to have you joining us on this last day of the work week. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> we have had huge problems on 66. let's start brian van de graaff. a lot of stars are out there. >> the system from yesterday has moved on out of here. temperatures in the upper 40's. we will see a nice day today with sunshine and temperatures above average. we will show you early-morning numbers and they range from the upper 40's, 50 in huntingtown. your forecast for the day, plenty of sunshine, dry, and comfortable.
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los 60's. not a bad day. will the sunshine stick around for the weekend? -- low 60's. we have details on route 66. >> a crash at 66 east bound just after you would exit from 495. you cannot continue past the beltway as you see in this camera. we do have a unit on the scene. traffic on thright side exited. you cannot continue past the beltway heading into a falls church. leesburg pike will take a lot of the traffic into a falls church this morning. with details on this rack and more, alison and doug. >> thank you. we do have more details. police are blaming this on the truck drivers indecision. the driver was trying to get to an exit when the truck carrying produce winds off road, spilling
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more than 100 gallons of gasoline. crews are cleaning up that spill and that is causing the traffic backed up. we will continue to monitor this. a popular trail has become a crime scene. >> this all started last night at the intersection of sligo creek parkway and jackson avenue. that is where matt brock is live this morning. >> we are about a mile away from where this happened. we know this morning they are looking for a predator. last night in a cloak of darkness, police searched for clues along a path near the swinligo creek parkway. a woman in her 20's was jogging along this trail when she was attacked and sexually assaulted. police worked well into the
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night, looking for what they could see in search of something that would lead them to a predator. we do not have much of a description. the woman was hospitalized but is expected to be ok in the end. a very rattling experience for her at the very least. matt brock, abc 7 news. >> thank you. relief in a northwest d.c. neighborhood after police made an arrest in the robbery and murder of a popular liquor store owner. >> i am glad the guide will not be hurting anybody else. >> andres lopez is charged with first-degree murder. we're told he is no stranger to police he and another man robbed and killed rufina hernandez at her northwest liquor store even though she had given them the money they demanded.
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police say they have strong leads on the second suspect. there has been another arrest. maria blanco is charged with first-degree murder. police say she and moises rodriguez conspired to kill samuel chacon. a passing driver found his body in the middle of the road on tuesday morning. the senate health care plan will face its first big hurdle tomorrow night. lawmakers will put it to a test vote. democrats need 60 votes. it is not clear if they have a. it would clear the way for a vote on the floor next month. republicans plan to block the vote, saying it is too expensive and will lead to massive cuts in medicare. they are ready if president obama wants more troops to
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afghanistan. they cannot supply troops quickly if they are needed. the president is expected to make an announcement after thanksgiving. plans to withdraw troops from iraq are still on schedule. robert gates says a review will look into how military identifies service members who might beat a threat to others. togo west and vernon clark wl head this review. >> metro's of directors is ordering all employees to cooperate with the oversight body. executives should notify the board befor denying a request from the oversight group. the reports said metro executives had barred independent monitors from
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observing safety procedures. surely after, two metro workers were fatally injured on separate injuries in those tracks. a computer glitch caused cancellations for flights across the country. a circuit board in salt lake city malfunctioned. they have to enter flight plans and by hand. this is the second time this happened in 15 months. oprah winfrey is calling it quits, at least from daytime tv. she will announce today she is ending her syndicated talk show on september 9, 2011, after a 25th season. word is she will start a new show on her own network. it is a partnership with discovery communications. we will have a live report on this, including fan reaction
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kilobit later this hour. you think of all of the names that have been propelled, dr. oz, dr. phil, rachael ray. >> all of the authors. it will be interesting to say how the competition jockeys for position in the aftermath of this. it will be a sea change for afternoon television. 6:06 right now. >> coming up, some big changes for the future of montgomery county schools. we will tell you about a major decision. >> nothing has to do with it. >> and we will see what fans are saying about "twilight" sequel. >> i will be back with the weekend forecast and detail the changes we have a had. we will allow the latest on the changes we have a had. we will allow the latest on the breaking traffic
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>> we are the high school cheerleaders. let's go, jackets. good morning, washington! all right! let's go, d.c.! 6:10 on what is going to be a beautiful friday. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> we're hoping for some nice weather. it sounds like it will cooperate. that's because with adam caskey. the said it feels pretty good out there. >> right now, 52 degrees on the
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southwest waterfront. 54 inredericksburg. when reading of 55, down a st. mary's county. unseasonably warm to start our day. we should be the 30's. instead, we're in the 40's and the low mid 50's. we will start out mostly clear. comfortable. much better the ball we had yesterday with highs near the low 60's. saturday will be fantastic. it will be a little bit cooler at the we have right now. cooler air will bring us back down to average, upper 50's. same temperatures into sunday. the system will move in from the gulf coast. it should push some moisture our way. until then, dry today and tomorrow with a lot of sunshine.
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i cannot imagine what this will do for the rush-hour commute later this morning on 66. >> it will be interesting to see the ripple effect. a truck and a van collided on 66 eastbound just after the beltway. we are here live. our cameraman has been asked to leave the area. hey are asking all of the media to leave so they can open the roadway. a tractor-trailer is being pushed out of the way. 66 eastbound from vienna into a falls church is closed for now but that will change within the next 10 or 15 minutes. >> thank you. there will be a lot of sleepy students in class today. you can blame on "new moon" mania. >> we are obsessive. >> these fans lined up in
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alexandria to see the midnight showing of the second installment in the "twilight" vampire series. one group flew in from florida to see it with their friends. is expected to bring in $100 million this weekend alone. >> there were two of the actors from the movie. nice young kids. they are marketing this thing by going to different cities and appearing on talk shows. all under the radar screen. they are doing it on a tight budget. >> i heard one girl said this is her generation's "romeo and juliet." >> every generation needs a vampire. coming up next, a disabled child allegedly attacked on the d.c. school bus. now a mother is demanding answers. >> first, another set of health
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guidelines for women.
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>> you are watchg abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. in our top stories, police are looking for a man who allegedly attacked a jogger in takoma park. a woman in their 20's was running along sligo creek parkway when a man pulled her into the woods and sexually assaulting her. the victim is expected to recover. >> astronauts will spend more time moving supplies today. they completed the first of three space walks and hooked up an antenna.
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another space walk is planned for tomorrow. >> first, new guidelines about mammograms. and now pap smears. women in their 20s can get pap smears in their 20's. that is enough time to catch cervical cancer. doctors are calling the timing of the report coincidental. a woman said her disabled daughter was stabbed on a bus. this girl attends a school for handicapped children. she was on a school bus on friday when her hand was/spurred her mother said the bus driver called her and said a female student attacked the student. it took six students to close the wound. then she developed pneumonia and sheet remains in the hospital. the head of the school said she
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cut herself. >> it is crazy. it is absolutely crazy. there is no possible she could do that. >> police tell us the mother filed a police report but they could not give us an update on the investigation. 6:16 is your time. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> we will check in with lisa baden. there have been big problems on interstate 66. >> we have breaking news. newschopper 7 is flying over the area. they're cleaning up the crashed just after the beltway on 66. traffic exiting onto 66 east is just fine. continuing past the beltway is what you cannot do. all of the traffic is able to exit onto both sides of the beltway and access leesburg pike. the backup traffic, and usual
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delays expected out of fair oaks and b of a. i want to take you to springfield. there was a crash in woodbridge. it was very minor. e moved it out of the way right away. >> not so busy in the whether the department. mid 50's to below 50's. a light breeze. 50 in fredericksburg. 46 in germantown. we have high pressure moving in. sunshine returns to the. . it is not just here for the day. it is here for the first half of the weekend. we will start to transitions on sunday. temperatures at or above average will be nice to start the weekend off. our next system will start working its way in from the southwest. i think we will have some sunshine early sunday. dry, sunny, and comfortable.
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tonight, it will be cooler. we'll go from the 60's into the 30's and 40's tonight. the weekend starts off nice. we are looking at some showers for sunday and into monday. thanksgiving is looking cold. >> thank you. in the moneys go, bad news for a major local employer. major layoffs at a well. >> more bad news for the housing market. -- major layoffs at aol. >> more signs of trouble ahead for the housing market. at the end of september, 40% of homeowners were either behind on mortgage payments or in foreclosure. the numbers are expected to rise into next year. soaring unemployment is the main reason for the problem. timothy geithner says the
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government will end the $700 billion bank bailout program as soon as possible. part of the money will be used to pay down the debt. he came under fire. some called on him to resign. he responded by saying the economy is in better shape than it was a year ago. the gap got a boost from the old navy stores. bargain hunters lifted sales, ending a two-year slide. shares of dell are set to fall today. the numbers. dell is not fully benefiting from the tech industry benefiting. aol is the starting to slash up to 25 hundred jobs. they are asking for volunteers to accept buyouts. microsoft said sales of windows
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seven are off to a strong start. this sold twice as many copies of the software than any previous version of windows. it could give microsoft a lift for the holidays. coming up on "good morning america," what is next for oprah winfrey? a look at your legacy and where she goes from here. and that is your "money scope" report. i'm jeremy hubbard. we have 49 degrees outside. 6:20. >> good news in the fight against swine flu. infection rates are dropping across the country. >> big changes are coming to montgomery county schools. one decision evokes an emotional response. >> later on "oprah," you'll meet the breakout star of the critically acclaimed movie "precious."
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some big changes are in store for the future of montgomery county schools. >> they approved an improvement plan at a price tag of $1 billion. pamela brown has more. good morning. >> parents, students, and teachers can expect big changes, big improvements in montgomery county schools. one decision indecision, related in hugs and tears among parents last night.
6:25 am
the price tag is steep to build new schools in montgomery county and expand new ones. " we're going to fight it. >> the fight over monocacy elementary. they decided to delay the recommendation to close the school because of under enrollment. >> the general feeling is that t deck is stacked. >> we need a little bit more time to see if we want to do this or not. >> the build up to the decision was intense. >> if feels like the last day of a presidential election. it is really been that in a sense of focus. >> it calls for building two elementary schools in clarksburg, adding wings to nine elementary schools. the changes must be approved by the county council.
6:26 am
school board members say they want to appoint a committee of the will look at solutions to deal with under enrollment issues at monocacy elementary school. pamela brown, abc 7 news. >> thank you. 6:25 is your time on this friday. >> coming up, a major gang boss in maryland. many alleged members of a certain gang are now off the street. >> as the sun comes up, we're looking at a really nice horizon. it will be a gorgeous afternoon with temperatures in the 60's. can it last into the weekend?
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. and the time is 6:28. it is friday morning. welcome back super "good morning washington." >> last night, i saw this flashes outside. i thought it was a transformer exploded. >> we started seeing that at noontime. we're talking in a little bit about thunder and lightning. it was like a spring storm. today will be a lovely day. the sun is.
6:30 am
across the horizon. -- it is sinus peering across the horizon -- the sun is peering across the horizon. we will see lots of sunshine. temperatures will be on the mild side. the temperatures are above average. we're normally in the 30's. we're going in the low 60 boston it. it will be dry and sunny. by tomorrow, it will be a sunshine-filled day. the clouds will back in on sunday. let's check in on the commute. >> we have good news for drivers coming out of fair oaks into vienna. newschopper 7 is showing traffic is so. getting past the beltway and into a falls church along eastbound 66. chopper bill will track this backup coming eastbound. we anticipate out of fair oaks
6:31 am
to get past the beltway. the crash has been moved out of your way. maryland traffic, just the volume for you. out of frederick to get into montgomery county, up traffic closest to us is heading in the southbound direction. no obstruction on 270 down to the beltway. >> thank you. police are looking for whoever attacked a woman along a popular biking and hiking trail. it happened last night in takoma park. matt brock is live. the police have any leads in this case? >> we are not sure. we're waiting to hear from police this morning. we know this man is on bill lewis. let's show you some video of what police were up against. -- we know this man is on the loose. police will left searching the woods for clues in the dark.
6:32 am
the woman was jogging along the popular sligo creek trail when a man attacked her, dragged her down a deep ravine and sexually assaulting her. we're told she was taken to a hospital. she is going to be ok. police are searching for this man. we do not have a description of him. police were out for several hours last night searching for this man. we do not have a description to give you just yet. this is a very popular trail. those out there today will be very concerned to hear this news. matt brock, abc 7 news. >> thank you. police have charged one man and looking for another in the murder of a popular liquor store owner. andres lopez was arrested yesterday. he has a long rap sheet. he and another man robbed and
6:33 am
killed rufina hernandez at her northwest store nearly two weeks ago. police are said to be close to arresting the suspesecond suspe. 19 members of a street gang have been indicted on racketeering charges. they conspired to commit robbery and arson. 16 more arrested during a raid in maryland. one remains at large. each faces a maximum sentence of life in prison. a securities firm is apparently back guarding d.c. schools. they are now a subcontractor to one of two new firms hired to do it security. they were dumped back in 2005 after an inspector general found they were under qualified and that some of the guards even
6:34 am
had criminal records. eleanor holmes norton is trying to reach a compromise between the catholic archdiocese of washington and d.c. leaders over same-sex marriage. the catholic church is threading to end at social service programs in d.c. it gay marriage is a legalize. they would have to offer employee benefits to same-sex couples. number madam yesterday and the council -- eleanor norton met yesterday and the council is scheduled to vote in december. lawmakers will push the health care plan to another saturday vote. democrats need 60 votes to move forward. republicans plan to block the vote, saying the plan will mean massive cuts in medicare and big tax increases. we are learning more about the e-mails of the fort hood shooting suspect sent to a
6:35 am
cleric a u.s. official says u.s. intelligence agencies intercepted 18 e-mails, 16 were from major nidal hasan. he wrote, "i cannot wait to join you in the afterlife." then he asked, when is jihad appropriate? is a permissible if their innocence killed in a suicide attack? the swine flu appears to be easing a bit. over the past two weeks, the number of h1n1 cases dropped. there were reports of fewer doctor visits. the papyrus is still unpredictable. -- the virus is still unpredictable. travel has the potential to increase the spread of the virus. time for a check of some business headlines. linda bell is standing by live
6:36 am
in new york. >> good morning. the federal served is stepping up scrutiny of the nation's biggest banks. the fed is lookingt whether or not the banks can withstand a reversal of asset prices. they're looking at whether big banks have enough capital to counterbalance the risk they take. it is worth noting that one index is up 71% after hitting a recession low. gold hit an all-time high just two days ago. dell is a key stop to watch today. they lost market share to rival hewlett-packard. if you have a credit card from citigroup, hold onto your wallets and read your mail very carefully. citigroup is hiking inches rates
6:37 am
on its cards. there is a way to keep your interest ratesc lowinterestiti are offering rebates if court -- citi is offering some rebates. let's take a look at stock index futures, indicating a lower open. that is your business news. live at bloomberg headquarters in new york, i am linda bell. doug and alison, have agreed weekend. >> thank you. 6:36, 49 degrees. >> coming up later, arch campbell has the best box office bet for the weekend. >> it is the end of a television era. the latest on oprah's part her and when we will hear directly from her. >> we will have a check on the skies and the streets.
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coming up on 6:40 on this beautiful friday morning. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> let's begin with lisa baden. it has been a busy morning. a major accident on 66. >> brian van de graaff was the first person to stumble across this record he spent 66 is now open after 495 into falls
6:41 am
church. we are tracking the backup which is in manassas at 50 fair oaks and then from nutley street to the beltway. it is not as bad as it could be. when you look at 50 and tried to bypass the intersection, that is running very nicely for you. it is not as bad as it could be. all lanes on 66 are open in falls church. this is the kind of typical back up. no major issues in maryland's on 270, moving espy at father hurley boulevard. >> outside we do have a clear skies to start off the day. it will be a really nice day. temperatures in the early 50's early this morning. a light jacket as you head out. we top out at 60 with lots of sunshine for your friday. a little cooler tomorrow. hawaii of 58.
6:42 am
clouds increase on sunday. i think the rain holds off till sunday evening. -- high of 58. a big arctic blast could bring a chill for the washington area for a thanksgiving day. >> thank you. 6:41 is your time on friday morning. >> a big story. the queen of daytime tv says she will sign off. what is next for oprah winfrey? >> we will have the latest on all this morning's top stories.
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. 6:45. >> we begin with some good news. traffic is now moving on interstate 66. there were some major backups this morning after a tractor- trailer got into an accident. the driver was trying to get to an exit when the truck swerved off the road, spilling more than 100 gallons of fuel. that truck has been moved to the side of the road and traffic can now get through.
6:46 am
>> authorities say it woman in her 20's was jogging yesterday in takoma park when she was sexually assaulted. she was taken into the hospital and is expected to recover. >> a man is in custody. andres lopez was arrested yesterday. police say he and another man robbed and killed rufina hernandez nearly two weeks ago. police are said to be close to arresting a second suspect. " the senate will put its health reform bill a vote tomorrow night. republicans say it will boost taxes and create new burdens on states. that measure needs 60 votes in order to move on for debate. a major announcement from oprah winfrey. in september of 2011, she will be signing off.
6:47 am
>> she has touched thousands of lives. philip stewart is live with how fans are reacting to the big news. >> good morning. later this morning, but we will hear from oprah herself about her future plans when today's show tapes of live. the announcement confirms rumors that started swirling weeks ago that one of the most iconic shows on television will end its run in less than two years. from the giveaways, to the interviews, "the oprah winfrey show" and it's run in 2011. >> i think it is unfortunate. a person like oprah winfrey and doesn't come along very often. >> she uses her fame and wealth for causes. she helped launch other stars, like dr. phil, and rachael ray.
6:48 am
she elevated chicagos profile, traveling to denmark for a failed olympic bid. she is very publicly backed barack obama's for presidency. she got emotional. >> she is a force. >> her estimated net worth is $2.7 billion. she ranks among the most powerful celebrities. her show still attracts some 7 million viewers every day. >> i could see a number of people who get a falling, but not an opera-like falling. -- but not an oprah-like following. >> there is talk heard talk show could start up on her own network, which is set to debut in 2011. we will know more details later this morning after her taping.
6:49 am
you can watch for clock right here on abc 7. >> it strikes me that she has really good timing. we see it superstars who linger beyond. >> stepping down before you peek to much. >> changing direction. all right. thank you. 6:48. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> a gorgeous day. the sun is coming up right now. you can see the sun coming up across the horizon. the sun rises at 6:55 this morning. it is going to be a good start to the weekend. we have not had a good starting weekend. we have had good finishing weekends. 46 in germantown. 47 in frederick. lanham, 48. we will show you a wider picture. we do see milder air in central
6:50 am
virginia. a touch cooler off to the west. we're on the cusp of some cooler air. a touch cooler tomorrow. no big shifts in temperature. we were be at or about normal, 56. that is good news for us around here. high pressure builds in. storms up in new york city. there could be some delays. nice weather. sunshine. a gorgeous afternoon. a gorgeous saturday. rain possible on sunday until late sunday night. dry and sunny, comfortable conditions. a cool breeze. not too intense. the winds will calm. it will be chilly tonight. another good-looking day tomorrow. a tad cooler. 58 for your high on saturday.
6:51 am
showers holding off for evening on sunday. let's talk to lisa baden. >> it is turning out to be a good-looking drive on 66 the spell. an accident after the beltway has been moved into a safety zone. you can see traffic exiting onto the beltway right there. delays are no worse than nutley street. coming off 270 to nih, after the beltway, there is it broken down ride on bus blocking the left lane. it is quiet in maryland leaving father hurley boulevard to have to the beltway. we're going to join arch campbell and go to the movies when we return. breakfast doesn't really start until the grands
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are on the table grands biscuits. would it really be breakfast without 'em? hoo-hoo! make breakfast grand. ♪ one taste and you'll understand. delicious dunkin' donuts coffee -- pick some up to brew at home. america runs on dunkin'. dealer: you know, volkswagen takes care of the scheduled maintenance at no cost. and during the sign then drive event, you can get a cc,
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jetta, or top safety rated tiguan for practically just your signature. it's that easy. woman: i can't believe it. woman: i can believe it. yep.
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good morning, washington. i am arch campbell with your weekend movie guide. >> go get them. >> best new movie honors go to "the blind side" with center
6:55 am
block. erymanthus family helps them achieve his potential. three and a half stars. chromatics will love the new chapter of "twilight." 3 stars. best bets, along with "precious ." have a nice weekend. i am arch campbell, abc 7 news entertainment. here are a few stories to watch out for in the day ahead. oprah will announce plans to leave for daytime talk show after 25 years. no word honor specific future plans. >> in the report calls for a new d.c. community college to break through of the -- to break away from the district of columbia. is to be fully independent. >> the fight for health care reform hits high gear in the senate. there will be a test vote smart
6:56 am
night. let's check in on traffic with lisa baden. >> 66 eastbound, an accident at 495 has moved into a safety zone. noticed a slow exit onto the beltway. delays are no worse than nutley street. >> cooler this morning but not too bad to start us off. sunshine will warm us up into below 60's. by tomorrow, temperatures in the upper 50's. it should be a good start to the weekend. sports should be unaffected by the weather. clouds start to roland on sunday. the rain should hold off until nighttime. -- clouds start to roll in on sunday. next week, the big travel day, wednesday, sunny. we could see an arctic blast by
6:57 am
thanksgiving day. we might not get out of the 40's. >> we need to put on an extra layer of fat. >> exactly. >> thank you for watching. have a great weekend. >> we will see you back here on monday morning. - ( music playing ) - now's the time to invest.
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in lumber. in rubber.

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